Thursday, December 2, 2010


Entrance way
The most wonderful time of the year is here! I decorated the week of Thanksgiving and it all came together nicely. I made this table top decoration for my entrance way.
White tree in dining room

On my white tree in the dining room it is all handmade ornaments by my children or me. My son made the tree topper when he was in Elementary school. You can also see his face in the angel ornament he made when he was small.  I really enjoyed going to craft day at the school when the kids were small to help out with the Christmas ornaments. They came home with bags of ornaments all hand made by them. When I was a kid we had Christmas plays at school, something that no longer exists. Certain grades were chosen to  perform a play and we all had to learn our parts. I remember being Leah in my sixth grade play. Mom made my costume and of course she was in the crowd watching.

 Every year for my birthday my husband gives me a gift I can use at Christmas. Last year he gave me this snowman. It lights up and the glitter swirls as it changes color. One of my favorites.

Also have to decorate outside. Haven't quite finished that yet but I made the ball wreaths for my door. These are my daughter's favorite wreaths.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall 2010

Four days after my last post, I and we lost someone very dear to us. My brother fought a long and courageous battle with lung cancer. He never spent one day in the hospital or had one day of pain. God is Great! He was diagnosed in August 2007 and lost his battle on September 12, 2010. The picture above was taken in December 2007. He left me with some interesting quotes before he went to be with the Lord. When I took him to the Doctor --he told me the argument about humans evolving from monkeys is a dead subject. His quote: "We cannot produce with them, therefore we cannot come from them". Such a simple answer to an ongoing question from ones that do not believe God created us. I remember Douglas telling me that he truly believes only one man new what life was all about--this man is Jesus. I happen to agree with both of these things Douglas told me. RIP and hope to see you again one day.
Fall is my most favorite time of the year. Leaves changing, cooler weather, and the start of the holiday season. My husband and I did celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary on the 20th of September. He bought me a most beautiful pearl ring. He said he researched to see what the gift is for 30 years and it was a pearl. It was a surprise to me.

Amy and Alex
         We had some birthdays to celebrate in September and October also. On the 28th of September, my son turned 17. We celebrated his birthday on the actual day, but when his sister came home from college for the weekend we celebrated his again and we celebrated Amy's. Her birthday is the 5th of October and she turned a legal 21. My sister Betsy and Mom sent cards to them and of course they love receiving money. Their Grandparents Gwaltney and Uncle Robb and Aunt Kris did the same.
Alex and his Movie Tickets
Keith Picking Apples
 The weekend of October 24th, my husband and I went to Carter Mountain to pick Apples. I have to laugh at Keith. He said: I drive 50 miles, walk a mile UP a mountain and pay $1.69 for apples I could have gotten back home for sixty nine cents a pound. I told him he was ruining the moment---I have to say that people were wondering why we were laughing so hard as we were hiking up. We did end our day by purchasing Apple Cider Doughnuts, Apple Caramel Cookies and Fuji Apples. It was a great day!
Bakery, Wine Tasting and Snacks

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lady Antebellum -- Mocha Club


Blueberries from Blueberry Farm

Alex and his girlfriend in VA Beach 7-10
The summer is almost over and it did go by fast. On one hand I am glad because my daughter is home from Nashville, but on the other hand, there is still so much I would like to do. My son and I did make it to the beach in July just for a day visit. Also, my sister and I did travel to Nashville to visit my daughter on July 17th through the 20th. It was a nine hour drive and my sister, Lynn, drove it straight. While in Nashville, we did sightseeing and we visited Franklin, TN. It was a beautiful, quaint town. We visited all the shops and ate ice cream at CiCi's, a frozen yogurt shop my daughter fell in love with. We had a really good time and Nashville is definitely a place I would want to visit again.  A nice city with a laid back feel. The city has really pulled together after the devastating flood that hit in May. Opryland wasn't open and several other places were still under repair due to the flood, but I have to hand it to the people of Nashville, they did a great job of getting their city back to normal. While their my daughter interned for the Mocha Club--she had the opportunity to make a video for Lady Antebellum's fan club party. She also had to opportunity to photograph some bands while in Nashville
My son, girlfriend and I went to VA beach for the day in July and in August we returned with my sister.
Cross in Roanoke, VA
My garden did well this summer but not as well as summers past.  I did can some tomatoes and Salsa. I also went blueberry picking in Chesterfield. I froze the blueberries to make pancakes and muffins this winter.
Franklin, TN
Roma tomatoes for Salsa

Amy and Lynn in Nashville

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring 2010

It has been a while since I have posted. A long while. I have had a lot going on and that is a good thing.
On Mother's Day I went to see my Mom after going to church. It was really a beautiful day. The weather was just perfect. My daughter came home and surprised me (she had told me she wouldn't be in until Monday). My husband made us supper and I opened my gifts. Keith gave me a beautiful handbag. Alex gave me my favorite Yankee candle and a pair of sterling silver earrings. Amy gave me a cross ring and a book. She also donated $25.00 in my name to the Mocha Club. (See photos below).
Since my last post, Keith has been busy with our new fountain. He got a few gold fish to go in it and he planted flowers around it. He did a really good job. He also has planted a garden. It is only May and already the squash plants have blooms. So, I think we will have early vegetables.
My daughter and I made a trip to Nashville where she will be living this summer. The ride was great but as we approached the area she would be staying--a nice area---the devastation from the flood was unreal. There were houses with carpet, flooring, furniture, drywall out in the front yard waiting for rescue workers to pick it up. Nashville is surrounded by a river ( I didn't know this). Well the levee broke--Didn't hear about that did ya??? Well, when it broke, that is what caused the major problem in the area my daughter is staying in. Her roommate had to be taken out in a canoe at 1:30 in the morning. I just can't imagine. No electricity and water so high you can't walk in it, let alone see where you are going in a canoe. The people in Nashville have done a remarkable job of cleaning up, and according to my daughter, things are getting back to normal. God bless them!
Also, not so good news for me, but great news for my son--he gets his driving permit today. He is excited and while I do trust him--it is unnerving to know they are amongst all the other crazy drivers. I will just do a LOT of praying.
Check out all my pictures (below) since my last post on Easter.

My Mother's Day gifts


Sunday, April 4, 2010


My daugther came home from college and brought me these beautiful flowers. She walked in on Saturday and said "Happy Easter" and handed me the flowers. They are so beautiful and I love surprises.
We went to Church on Saturday evening--the Easter Vigil--my son and I both became members of the Church and celebrated our first Communion. It was a beautiful service. Everyone received a candle as they walked into the Church. The evening service started outside with a fire and the lighting of the  Paschal Candle--from there we preceded into the Church and everyone lit their candles as the "Light of Christ" lit up the Church. We extinguish our candles and then seven reading from the Old Testament are read. Then as we enter the New Testament--we have a homily and  a blessing of the Baptismal Waters.  To end the evening---we partake of the Eucharist--and this to me--was a very important event. My good friend Terri was there with me through it all. Thank you Terri.
Thanks also, to all that made this possible for my son and myself.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday

The picture above of the Blessed Mother holding Jesus was an item my mother-in-law gave me when they moved from their house that was  just up the road from me. When I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York--I saw a huge replica of this statue. It was absolutely beautiful. Today is Good Friday---why not take a moment at 3 o'clock to meditate on the Passion of Christ.